The Surnames included here are mostly of Maryland lines and most of my research has been conducted at the Marylad State Archives.

William Coulbourn & Margaret Cooper

Husband: William Coulbourn
   Born: 1619 in Somersetchire, England
Married: about 1672 in Animessex, Somerset Co., Maryland
Died: 22 JAN 1688/89 in Animessex, Somerset Co, Md
Father: William Coulbourn
Mother: Margery Unknown
Spouses: Anne Unknown
   Wife: Margaret Cooper
   Born: about 1634 in Animessex, Somerset Co, Md
Died: about 1700 in Animessex, Somerset Co, Md
01  (F): Penelope Coulbourn
Born: 1671 in Animessex, Somerset, Md.
Died: after 1720 in Animessex, Somerset, Md.
Spouses: Michael Holland

Additional Information

William Coulbourn:
Title: Col.
Burial: about 24 JAN 1688/89, Pomfret, Somerset Co., Md.

[1381] It is likely that he was either the son of John or William Colborne. It is known that he settled in Northampton County, VA prior to 1652 where he patented 350 acres of land on March 4 1653 and another 350acres of land on February 28, 1662. About 1662 he and his wife along with others were arrested for allegedly giving assistance to the Quakers in disobedience to the Virginia Act of Assembly and sent to Jamestown for a hearing before the governor and council of Virginia. It is believed that because of this trouble he migrated to Somerset County, Maryland. He settled in the Annemessex area some time in 1663. In June 1679 he patented 1,400 acres of land located on South Side of the Big Annemessex River. He served from Lieutenant to Colonel in the local militia. In 1765 he was High Sheriff of Somerset County. For many years he was a member of the county commission of Peace. In 1687 he headed a commission to draw a treaty with the Nanticoke Indians.

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