The Surnames included here are mostly of Maryland lines and most of my research has been conducted at the Marylad State Archives.

William Coulbourn & Anne Revell

Husband: William Coulbourn
   Born: 08 SEP 1658 in Northampton, Va.
Married: 15 JAN 1677/78 in Manokin, Somerset Co, , Maryland
Died: 09 JUN 1701 in Annemessex, Somerset, Maryland
Father: William Coulbourn
Mother: Anne Unknown
   Wife: Anne Revell
   Born: 1667 in Snow Hill, Somerset, Md.
Died: about 1720 in Accomac, Accomack Co. Virginia
Father: Randall Revell
Mother: Katherine Scarburgh
01  (F): Anne Coulbourn
Born: 09 APR 1679 in Animessex, Somerset Co., Maryland
Died: about 1750 in Accomac, Accomack Co., Virgina
Spouses: Thomas Mitchell
02  (M): William Coulbourn
Born: 19 JAN 1681/82 in Somerset, Maryland
Died: 23 OCT 1764 in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co., Md.
Spouses: Jane Handy
03  (M): Solomon Coulbourn
Born: 19 APR 1684 in Manokin, Somerset, Md.
Died: 07 MAR 1748/49 in Coventry Parish, Somerset Co. Md.
Spouses: Rachel Handy
04  (F): Mary Coulbourn
Born: 25 SEP 1689 in Maokin, Somerset, Md
Died: about 1750 in Accomac, Accomac Co. Virginia
05  (F): Katherine Coulbourn
Born: 20 JAN 1690/91 in Animessex, Somerset, Md.
Died: about 1750 in Accomac, Accomac Co. Virginia
06  (F): Abigal Coulbourn
Born: 1694 in Manokin, Somerset, Md.
Died: about 1750 in Accomac, Accomac Co. Virginia
Spouses: William Eskridge

Additional Information

William Coulbourn:
Title: Capt.

ID: I2021
Name: William Coulbourne , Jr. 1
Sex: M
ALIA: /Coleboune/
Birth: 8 SEP 1658 in Northampton Co, VA 2
Death: 9 JUN 1701 in Annemessex, Somerset Co, MD 2
Residence: 1661 Northampton Co, VA 3
Residence: 1664 Annemesex, Somerset co, MD 3
Occupation: Planter, military & political pursuits 4
Occupation: 8 NOV 1692 on Court of Somerset Co, MD representing Annemessex 5
Event: Church 1692 Elected membership in Coventry & Somerset Parish Vestries of Church of England

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